Astron Connect Inc.’s December 2018 Events

Astron Connect held two events this December to celebrate its milestone of going public on the TSX Venture Exchange in August of 2018. It hosted both of its events at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, in Vancouver.  

December 10th was Astron’s Chinese event followed by its Western event on December 11th. During both evenings, guests were introduced to key members of the Astron team along with the Company’s mission and goals.

Astron’s December 10th event commenced with opening remarks from Chairman Iris Duan followed by a presentation from President and CEO Randall Smallbone. The following evening, Randall Smallbone spoke along with Astron’s Chief Consultant and Advisor Hon. Jack Austin. Astron Connect’s newest Director Fei Chu could not attend the events, in lieu of her absence she pre-recorded remarks for guests.

President & CEO Randall Smallbone
Chief Consultant & Advisor Hon. Jack Austin

One of Astron’s brands, Sachiel honey, was presented both evenings. During the Chinese events, COO Bei Nie introduced the brand to guests and the second evening Randall Smallbone did. Both evenings guests went home with a selection of honey flavours.

COO Bei Nie
President & CEO Randall Smallbone
Astron’s Brand: Sachiel Honey

The entire Astron Connect team would like to thank all those who made the events possible and to all the guests that attended.

Happy New Year!

Written by: Tatjana Raison